healthy indian food

Is Eating Indian Food Healthy?

Indian food can indeed be appropriate for weight loss. Of path, we are not speaking approximately the heavy, creamy curries or deep-fried samosas that might be calling your call. alternatively, consider the myriad of healthy preferences like lentil soups (dal), grilled hen (tandoori), and vegetable-based totally dishes. The secret weapon here is the generous use…

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health risks of using artificial sweeteners

The Rising Concern Over Artificial Sweeteners Safety

Artificial sweeteners are chemicals used as sugar substitutes that are added to mainly processed foods and beverages to enhance their sweetness. Artificial sweeteners are also referred to as intense sweeteners due to their ability to provide a taste several times sweeter than sugar. It takes only a small amount of artificial sweeteners to sweeten food,…

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healthcare app development

Trends in Healthcare App Development: The Rise of Wearable Technology

Rising caseloads, proactive personalized care, increasing stress, and fewer healthcare staff are some of the reasons that are hitting the throttle and the significance of wearable healthcare app development and technology. But, these are not the only reasons. There are many more crucial factors that are increasing the reliance on and adaption of wearable tech…

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